How you can use wire gripper tools?

What is a wire gripper tool? A wire gripper tool is a device that enables…

What is a wire gripper tool?

A wire gripper tool is a device that enables a person to secure a hold of a wire or cable to help tension a wire rope. Numerous uses, such as the installation of cable or wire rope fencing, call for the tightening of wire rope. Using wire gripper tools makes it simple to remove any slack and results in a more structurally solid than manually tightening. While speed and simplicity are always desirable, another important factor in choosing to use a wire grip tool is safety. 

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There is a chance that the cable could slip or snap if you tighten your wire rope with a different tool. To keep the wire in the grip, our wire gripper tools have a flat metal lock. A ratchet tool would not be able to fit in smaller spaces where the wire gripper tool can be due to its size. For fence construction and maintenance, grip tools will securely hold your tiny cable wire, smooth wire, and barbed wire in place. Ideal for putting in a new fence or fixing an old one. You can stretch your wire with ease by using this wire grasp.

How to use Tyler wire gripper tools?

When you require greater pulling force than you can provide by hand, wire gripper tools are used to temporarily tighten a cable or rope. A cable can be temporarily clamped onto them at any point, allowing the cable to be tightened and secured to another item for a long-lasting connection. Mechanical tools called cable grips have a handle and a series of readily opened and closed jaws with grooves and serrations that fit around a length of wire gripper tool.

What are the normal sizes of Tyler wire gripper tools?

Three different sizes of Tyler Tool brand wire gripper tools at E-Rigging.

Which accommodates cables with sizes of 1/32 to 3/8

One ton, suitable for cables with sizes of 3/32 to 5/8

With cable sizes between 5/32 and 7/8, two ton.

The only variation between the three, besides size, is a little side plate that is present on the sizes one ton and two ton, which helps to keep the cable in the wire grip. For mechanical pulling apparatuses like a cable puller or a lever hoist, the eye on the wire gripper tools serves as a handle attachment point. The jaws around the cable tighten as the handle is pulled, allowing the cable to be temporarily tensioned before being permanently secured to another item.

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