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We provide premium quality anti-twist wire rope, powered winches, conductor hydraulic crimping machines, stringing pulleys, and so on.


Yangzhou Qianyuan Electric Equipment Manufacturing & Trade Co. Ltd was established in 2017(former Yangzhou Xiyi Power Co. Ltd., which is established in 2008), and is located in Yangzhou city, Jiangsu province. Qianyuan also has a branch factory in Bazhou city, Hebei province. The company is specialized in the manufacturing and design of Transmission Line Stringing Equipment. Our main products are Anti Twisting Steel Wire Rope, Stringing Pulley, Hydraulic Crimping Tools, Powered Winches, Wire Grip, Gin Pole, Hydraulic Reel Stand, Cable Pulling Grips, Crawler Cable Conveyor, Lever Chain Hoists, and so on, which are mainly supplied to power companies, railroad companies, and other industry fields. We have a very strict quality control system, and our products have already been tested by China Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute, and are widely used by the whole country. Read More ………….

anti twist wire rope
hydraulic power pack

Featured Products

anti twist wire rope

Anti Twist Wire Rope

The special Anti Twist Wire Rope is widely used in power line stringing operations, for pulling conductors, OPGW cable, ADSS, 500kv traction rope, etc.

Powered Winches

Fast Speed Powered Winches

Powered Winches are mainly applied to erect steel towers or concrete poles by pulling and lifting operation coupled with Gin Pole in electric power line transmission project.

Conductor Hydraulic Crimping Machine

Gas powered hydraulic power unit is used to crimp cable lugs to give the toughest cable connection possible, wildely used in power line transmission construction.

MC Nylon Stringing Blocks

Large Diameter Nylon Stringing blocks are used to release the wire in the overhead transmission line. It can be used for single conductor, double split wire, four split wire, six split, and so on.

capstan winch

YAMAHA 5T Capstan Winch

5T Gas Powered Portable Winch (Honda or YAMAHA Petrol) is used for pulling and lifting works in tower erection, pole setting, and stringing wire in electrical power line construction.

IZUMI 100T Hydraulic Crimping Head

100T hydraulic Crimping Head must be coupled working with a manual, electric, or gas hydraulic power unit to press to connect the connecting tube at the end of a copper or aluminum conductor or electric cable.

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