Stringing Equipment hydraulic cable puller

Payment Term: T/T, L/C
Incoterm: FCA, FOB, CFR, CIF
MOQ: 1 unit
Productivity: 50 units per month
Transportation: Ocean, Land, Air
Packaging: Plastic Bag or Belt
Place of Origin: CHINA
Certificate: By China High Voltage Institute.
Delivery Time: 5-10 days
Warranty: 1 year since B/L date
Product Status: In stock for 5units each type, max 3-4 weeks required if for more mass production.
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Stringing Equipment hydraulic cable puller

Stringing Equipment hydraulic cable puller is used for pulling and releasing traction rope, optical cable, conductor, and tower assembly in mountainous areas and plains. The machine is portable, combined, and detachable for handling. It is ideal traction equipment for power line transmission construction in mountainous areas. These cable puller tensioners are also used for traction on railway trunk electric locomotives, industrial and mining electric locomotives, electric/diesel locomotives, and various electric vehicles (such as battery cars, urban trams, and Metro electric vehicles). It can be divided into a single-cylinder diesel puller and a four-cylinder diesel puller.
Product features: the pulling force and pulling speed is steplessly adjustable, intuitive display. The large traction force can be preset, and the overload is automatically protected. The pressure loss automatic braking function ensures operation safety when the engine suddenly stalls or the hydraulic system loses pressure due to other reasons. It is equipped with a hydraulic traction rope installation device to facilitate the replacement of a steel wire rope drum. With an automatic winding device for steel wire rope, It is automatic for rope arrangement, and convenient for loading and unloading.

A. Stringing Equipment Hydraulic Pullers are widely used for stringing the conductors & cables(OPGW, ADSS, 500kv traction rope, ACSR series, etc.) in the overhead power line stringing construction.
B. This hydraulic puller has a set of tension early warning systems, which can automatically adjust the speed according to the undue load or friction produced on the line and can keep the tension at the set value.
C. Tension or pulling force can be preset, spring-applied brake, reliable overhead protection mechanism, easy to operate.

Main configurations:
Engine: CUMMINS made by a joint venture in China
Main hydraulic motor: REXROTH in German
Main hydraulic pump: REXROTH in German
Speed Reducer: REXROTH in German
Hydraulic valve (Italy ATOS); pipeline system and meter (made in Italy or German WIKA)

Product No. Model Max pulling force (KN) Max Continuous pulling force (KN) Corresponding speed(km/h) Max continuous pulling  speed (km/h) Puller wheel diameter DiaΦ(mm)) Groove number Max  steel wire rope DiaΦ(mm) Max steel reel DiaΦ(mm) Engine Power (KW/RPM) Electrical System Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
10552 QYT280KN 280 250 2.5 5 960 11 38 1600 298/2100(Cummins) 24 5800×2500×2850 12800
10553 QYT180KN 180 150 2.5 5 700 10 27 1400 220/2200(Cummins) 24 4300×2360×2380 6800
10554 QYT90KN 90 80 2.5 5 540 8 21 1600 118/2500(Cummins) 24 4000*2200*2100 4000
10555 QYT60KN 60 50 2.5 5 450 7 18 1400 77/2800 (Cummins) 24 3800×2100×2300 3500
10556 QYT40KN 40 35 2.5 5 450 7 16 1400 77/2800 (Cummins) 24 3800×2100×2300 3500
10557 QYT30KN 30 25 2.5 5 300 7 13 1400 38/2200(Deutz air-cooled engine) 24 3200x1600x2000 1500