hydraulic compressor machine

What is a Hydraulic Compressor Machine and Its Usage?

A hydraulic compressor machine is a necessary tool for wire splicing and crimping in the power industry in the construction and maintenance of line infrastructure. Hydraulic compressor machine are divided into hydraulic crimping machines, large-tonnage crimping machines (punches), insulated terminal crimping machines, and crimping pliers are divided into split crimping machines and hand-operated hydraulic crimping machines. When working, put the crimped part into the die in the crimping pliers, the moving mechanism moves the crimping pliers to the appropriate position to be crimped, and the hydraulic pump station provides hydraulic high-pressure oil to push the hydraulic pliers to work for crimping.

Hydraulic Brief introduction

In UHV power transmission, 1250mm2 large section conductor is the conductor with the largest section applicable to domestic overhead lines. The research on its supporting construction tools and instruments has been carried out in an all-around way. The development of its supporting hardware and equipment will improve the overall technical level and comprehensive competitive strength of China’s overhead line power transmission. The hydraulic crimping machine is a kind of special hydraulic equipment for the construction or maintenance of power transmission lines to crimp the strain of conductors or steel strands and the connecting pipes. The compression force of the hydraulic crimping machine commonly used in domestic transmission lines is less than 300t, and the crimping modulus of a 1250mm section conductor needs at least 5 molds. The 600t hydraulic crimping machine studied has achieved the completion of 2 molds crimping, an increase of 1250mm. The tension and crimping efficiency and crimping quality of a large cross-section conductor can reduce the construction cost.

Hydraulic Crimper structure

It is composed of an oil tank, power mechanism, reversing valve, pressure relief valve, and oil pump mechanism. The oil pump mechanism is composed of the oil pump body, high and low-pressure oil outlet holes, eccentric shaft, eccentric bearing, driven gear, a pair of high-pressure oil pumps, and a low-pressure oil pump. The oil pump body is suspended on the oil tank cover. The high and low-pressure oil outlet holes are opened on the oil pump body and connected with the oil circuit of the pressure relief valve. The eccentric shaft is set longitudinally, and the upper end is pivoted in the center of the oil pump body, The lower end is fixed with an eccentric bearing, and the driven gear is fixed on the top of the eccentric shaft and connected with the power mechanism, the high and low-pressure oil pumps are suspended on the oil pump body, each has an actuator in contact with the eccentric bearing, and the pump cavities of the high and low-pressure oil pumps are respectively connected with the high and low-pressure oil outlet holes. Advantages: the connection between the oil pump mechanism and the power mechanism is vertical, which can make full use of space and reduce the floor area, and is conducive to operation and transportation; Changing the pump oil form of high-pressure and low-pressure oil pump into the actuating form of eccentric bearing has the advantages of simple structure, few parts, and easy assembly.

Hydraulic Crimping machine price

There are two kinds, domestic and foreign. The domestic price is hundreds of cheaper, but the performance is not very good. Thousands of them are in line with international standards. The cheapest ones abroad cost thousands of yuan and have good performance.

Hydraulic Crimper manufacturer

In foreign countries, such as the United States, Italy, Germany, France, and so on, Qianyuan Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is an old electromechanical factory in China.

Hydraulic Crimper parameters

◎ high carbon steel material is specially selected for CNC computer processing, which has good quality and strong tensile resistance.

◎ the compression ratio of the die can be calculated according to the object to be pressed.

◎ single loop can be equipped with single loop pump, dual-loop 100tom can be equipped with pump cte-25ad or Japanese dual-loop control pump up-45svtg-5.

◎ during outdoor construction, it can be equipped with an engine generator or engine pump. Each operation takes only 8-12 seconds. The construction is the fastest and safest.

◎ the tools are manufactured according to national standards and CNC wire cutting dimension standards, with accurate accuracy.

Output: 5.5;

Size: 315 × eighty × 235MM;

Outsourcing size: 395 × three hundred and eighty-five × 135;

Weight: 3.2kg;

Standard accessories: a group of 10-185mm2 molds;

One charger, one battery, and one toolbox.

Hydraulic pump station

The 600t hydraulic crimping machine is provided for the first time. For a 125m㎡ large cross-section conductor, the aluminum tube with tension or connecting tube is crimped by 2 molds, to improve the crimping efficiency and quality of construction. Analyze the parameters, specifications, and performance of various hydraulic pump stations in the market, and select the appropriate pump station oil pressure in combination with the characteristics of 600t hydraulic crimping machine for 1250m2 section conductor; For large tonnage liquid

For the crimping machine, the diameter of the oil cylinder is large, the hydraulic oil flow is increased, the oil cylinder is quickly filled, and the crimping efficiency is improved. Based on this, the appropriate hydraulic oil flow is selected; Select the appropriate power source and oil cooling system, and finally determine to develop a hydraulic pump station that meets the needs.

Structure of Hydraulic crimping pliers and dies

Under the condition of meeting the strength requirements of a large tonnage crimping machine, the volume and weight of each component shall be as small as possible, and the key components shall be calculated and analyzed by the finite element method; The hydraulic cylinder usually works under high pressure, so it is necessary to focus on the sealing of the cylinder; Based on the length of 1250 ㎡ large cross-section conductor connecting pipe or tension aluminum pipe, reduce the times of molding and improve the quality of molding, which is convenient for construction. The crimping die, clamp body piston and die positioning block is designed as groove structure. An annular groove is designed in the middle of the crimping die. A telescopic positioning pin is designed on the piston and die positioning block. After the die is installed in place, the telescopic positioning pin is stuck inside the annular groove of the die to prevent the die from moving back and forth during the crimping process, which is safe and reliable. At the same time, the tong head is provided with a mold positioning inspection block to check the mold positioning and facilitate the replacement of the mold. The axial clearance between the mold positioning inspection block and the mold is 1mm; The mold positioning inspection block can rotate with the inspection knob at an angle of 45 º; When replacing the mold, move the piston to the lowest end, and then rotate the inspection block to the 45 º angle position. At this time, the mold can be replaced. After the mold is replaced, rotate the inspection block in place. If the mold is not installed properly, the positioning inspection block will interfere with the rotation process.

Progressiveness and innovation of equipment

(1) The rated pressure of the system is 80MPa, which can effectively reduce the cylinder diameter of the oil cylinder and reduce the weight of the hydraulic tong; At the same time, the technology and sealing technology of 80MPa supporting hydraulic pump valve is also very mature.

(2) The hydraulic pump station has high and low-speed control, and the construction crimping efficiency is high.

(3) The top cover adopts a net arc arch structure, which can minimize the weight of the top cover and ensure its strength at the same time.

(4) The conductor crimping is completed by two molds, with high construction efficiency and crimping quality.

(5) The crimping pliers can walk along the track. It is convenient and quick to adjust the crimping position, and the labor intensity is small [1].

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