Properties of conductor stringing blocks

When stringing all conductors for OPGW stringing or overhead transmission line conductors, conductor stringing blocks…

When stringing all conductors for OPGW stringing or overhead transmission line conductors, conductor stringing blocks are used. The conductor stringing blocks are made of an alloy of aluminum. It may serve as a suspension block for a cross arm, pole bracket, or insulator. A sheave is used to hold and permit the movement of a cable during installation. Although they are typically utilized overhead, there are also specific designs employed near a conduit system’s entry.

Application of conductor stringing blocks:

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  • It can be attached to the cross-arms caliper or hung from an insulator string. The frame is constructed of galvanized steel, while the sheave is made of aluminum alloy.
  • The caliper for mounting on the crossarm is included with the entire set as it is 1.6 kg in weight
  • For conductor stringing blocks, the block is utilized. It might be used on cross arms or for suspension using the hook fitting.

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For overhead Line stringing operations, Overhead Conductor Stringing Blocks are employed. Conductor stringing blocks are installed on ball bearings and composed of high-strength nylon or aluminum alloy. For various applications, including conductors, earth wires (ground wires), OPGW cables, cables, ABC cables, etc., we have created stringing blocks of various types and sizes. Production of customized designs is welcome.

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Conductor stringing blocks for stringing eight conductors of an overhead transmission line, the conductor sheaves are made of aluminum alloy, MC nylon, or central steel sheaves. We use the most recent technology and a tight quality control system in our manufacturing process because we are a well-organized and skilled company. As a result, our products enjoy strong sales in the local market. In addition to our standard designs, we also produce other Stringing Tools & Equipment in accordance with unique designs provided by customers, regardless of kind or size.

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