stringing equipment

What you need to know about stringing equipment?

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Types of Stringing Equipment

There are a few different types of stringing equipment that can be used when making stringed instruments. The most common type is the hammer, which is a tool that is held in one hand and used to strike the strings against the fret board. 

Another common type of stringing equipment is the guitar bridge, which is a piece of hardware that sits above the strings and helps to hold them in place. 

stringing equipment

Hammer Stringing Equipment: Hammer stringing is the oldest form of stringing instruments and is still commonly used today. Hammers are held in one hand and used to strike the strings against the fretboard. This technique creates an acoustic sound because it causes the vibration of the strings against the frets. 

How Stringing Equipment Works?

When you string a bow, you use a lot of different pieces of stringing equipment. This guide will help you understand how each piece works and what its specific function is.

The Stringing Wheel: The first thing you need to do when stringing a bow is to use a stringing wheel. This small machine helps you evenly distribute the tension on the strings while they’re being attached. It also makes it much easier to keep the string in line with the nock point on your arrow.

The Nocking Point: The next thing you’ll need is a nocking point. This is where your arrow will be attached to the bowstring while it’s being shot. You’ll want to make sure that the nocking point is aligned with the center of the string’s loop – this will ensure that your arrow flies straight and true.

The Bowstring: The bowstring is what connects your arrow to the bow. It’s important to choose a strong and durable bowstring if you want your shot to hit its target accurately. You can choose from a variety of materials, but carbon fiber is often recommended for its strength and resilience.


Stringing equipment can be a little daunting when you are starting out, so here is everything you need to know about stringing your own guitars. From the types of strings that work best for your instrument to how to choose the right size of string for your guitar, this guide has it all!