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Why stringing blocks are used for power line transmission project?

Stringing blocks are used for an aerial electric conductor or other aerial wire that can…

Stringing blocks are used for an aerial electric conductor or other aerial wire that can be strung manually or by a helicopter. It is designed to hang to electric line structures, insulators, etc. The block is made up of one or more ring-shaped sheaves that are mounted on miniature frames and rotate around their axes while each runs over one or two small wheels. The block is light enough to avoid friction on the shave flange and the conductor line escaping the shave groove. A sheave is used to hold and permit the movement of a cable during installation. There are unique designs that are utilized at the entrance to a conduit system in addition to the standard overhead use of these.

stringing blocks
Stringing Blocks

It is essential to the process of stringing a conductor as the line itself is stringing blocks. Blocks and block accessories are available from Equipment to ensure a quick, efficient, and secure stringing procedure. You can buy single blocks, bundle blocks, underground blocks, and universal stringing blocks. Additionally, the patented stringing blocks are used to pull through line angles. It is evident that the cable is tangled between the sheave and the frame, which leads to binding, conductor damage, and overstress on the block. These issues are resolved by the All-Angle Stringing Roller. By allowing the line to correctly place itself with Angle Roller, unnecessary and expensive time is saved from having to adjust the angle settings. The fastest and most effective roller on the market is the angled roller. Five different All Angled Roller types, each with a different weight and stringing capacity, are created.

Features of stringing blocks:

  • Special rope groove profile for insulated or cables
  • lightweight, high-strength stringing blocks designed for simple handling
  • High-capacity bushes and beckets are standard on all blocks.
  • Labels for identification that display capacity and other pertinent information
  • Deep groove, double-shielded ball bearings
  • -5F to 250F permanent lubrication
  • profiled groove carved for concentricity
  • Super Lift industrial grey enamel paint

Optional Features

  • With ball or roller bearings and customized grooves to fit all conductors, specialized sheaves are available.
  • Special surface finishing techniques include galvanizing, special coatings, and zinc plating.
  • manufactured with stainless steel to prevent corrosion
  • To fit any application, specialized stringing blocks can be made.

These stringing blocks have a good price and offer excellent strength and low weight. They can be set up with different mounting options. Permanently lubricated bearings offer a wide operating temperature range and long-term reliability.

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