Hanged Type Horizontal Ladder

Payment Term: T/T, L/C
Incoterm: FCA, FOB, CFR, CIF
MOQ: 2 units
Productivity: 500 units per month
Transportation: Ocean, Land, Air
Packaging: Plastic Bag or Wooden Boxes
Place of Origin: CHINA
Certificate: By China High Voltage Institute.
Delivery Time: 5-10 days
Warranty: 1 year since B/L date
Product Status: In stock for 100 units each type, max 3-4 weeks required if for more mass production.
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Hanged Type Horizontal Ladder is used for the electric power line operator to take works in a high position in the sky, with hanged horizontally on the power lines. It is always used for the installation and maintenance of power lines which can enter horizontally from the concrete power and steel tower during line erection or power outage maintenance.
Note: it can be customized according to users’ needs. Length: 2m ~ 4m; Weight: 14-17kg.

Precautions during use:
1. Do not exceed the working load of the ladder.
2. The ladder foot has an anti-skid effect. However, it is still necessary for someone to directly hold the ladder with their hands, remind and protect it (place the ladder sideways at the same time), and step on the foot of the ladder with their feet to prevent the foot from moving.
3. When climbing the ladder, workers must wear flat shoes to avoid slipping and accidents.
4. When climbing a ladder or working, workers always keep the body in the middle of the cross brace of the ladder bang, keep the body upright, and don’t stretch out, otherwise, workers may have an accident due to losing the balance.
5. When there are people on the ladder, it is strictly prohibited to move.
6. Only allow one person to climb a ladder.
Precautions after use:
After the work is completed, please clean the ladder and store it in a dry place.

Technical Parameters:

Product No.
Rated Load(KN)
Hang points