Speedy Type Frequency-Conversion Cable Pusher Machine

Scope of application: This special type red cable pusher machine is mainly used for pulling cables in the electric power line construction, most suitable for the big cross-section, long-distance cable installation.
Payment Term: T/T, L/C
Incoterm: FCA, FOB, CFR, CIF
Productivity: 100 PCS per month
Transportation: Ocean, Land, Air
Packaging: Plastic Bag or Wooden Box
Place of Origin: CHINA
Certificate: By China High Voltage Institute.
Delivery Time: 5-10 days
Product Status: In stock for 50pcs each type, max 3-4 weeks required if for more mass production.
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Speedy Type Frequency-Conversion Cable Pusher Machine (origin from German)

A cable pusher machine, also known as a crawler cable conveyor, is a device used in the installation of power cables, fiber optic cables, or communication cables. The main purpose of this machine is to provide support and assistance in feeding cables into ducts, conduits, or trenches, helping to reduce the stress on the cables and prevent damage during installation.

This speedy type cable pushers (up to 30m/min) typically consist of a motorized motor with a set of rollers or belts that grip the cable and push it forward. The tension and speed of the pushing process can be adjusted to suit the specific cable installation requirements. This machine can be used for both underground and overhead cable installations, and come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different cable diameters and lengths.

Using a cable pusher machine can make cable installation faster, more efficient, and safer by reducing manual labor and minimizing the risk of damaging the cables.  If you need them for your project, pls contact us as you are free.

Features for this fast cable pusher machine: 1. Fast speed up tp 30m/min, and speed adjustable bcz of frequency-conversion device; 2. Compact size in volume and dimension; 3. Light weight and easy to operate. 4. Good shape and appearance.

Technical Parameters:

Product No.
Cable Diameter(mm)
Rated Load(KN)
Speed (m/min)
Dimension (mm)
0 - Ф180
0-30m(can be adjusted)
380V/3KW*1/1400 r/min