gas winch

Gas Winch is a construction pulling machine used to erect high-voltage transmission lines and lay underground cables. It can smoothly and conveniently carry out hoisting and traction operations such as assembling electric iron towers and erecting guide (ground) lines under various complex conditions. It is divided into diesel winch and petrol tower winch.

It is widely used for concrete pole and steel tower assembly, motorized paying-off cables, and tightening cable in the electric power line construction and post/telecommunications lines. It can also be used for hoisting and traction of heavy objects in buildings, docks, and other places. It is suitable for no-electric fields and easy to use. Experiments and operations on spot show that it has the advantages of reasonable structure, small volume, lightweight, large utility, flexible operation, and convenient carrying, it is deeply welcomed by the majority of power and telecommunications operators.

diesel winch
gas winch
gasoline winch
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