engine powered winch

What is an engine-powered winch and how to use them properly?

The engine-powered winch is the abbreviation of the powered winches, which is also called the gas-powered winches or gas-powered capstan winch. This term is commonly used in areas where the engine-driven winch is widely used. The motorized winch is a necessary construction product for the erection of high-altitude cables and underground wiring, and can smoothly and conveniently erect conductors, hoist, pull or tighten wires in various complex environments.

Introduction to engine powered winch

It is widely used in the construction of electric power, telecommunications, and municipal engineering to tighten the line, assemble the tower, or set out the mobile line, and is suitable for the field without an electric field. The actual operation on site has proved that it has the advantages of reasonable structure, small volume, light weight, large power, low noise, flexible operation, and convenient handling, and is highly praised by the majority of users.

Structure of engine-driven winch

The power winches consist of a drum wheel, gearbox, diesel engine or gasoline engine, and base frame. The working principle of the power winch: the winch groove is a traction groove directly connected with the steel wire rope. The gasoline engine, diesel engine, or motor is used as the power to achieve the required speed through the speed change of the gearbox. The whole machine is located on a steel structure, stable and easy to move.

Classification of gas-powered winches

A. by power

gas powered winches, Diesel Engine Winch, tractor winch (modified from Taishan 280 and 500)

Model of grinder: 3T 5T 8t

B. By transmission type

1)Belt drive

2)Shaft drive

3T gas-powered winch 5T gas capstan winch operation method:

1. Before starting the machine, please open the transmission clutch of the winch, turn the front and rear shift rods to the neutral position, and then start the machine for operation.

2. When pulling the clutch, the action shall be quick and simple, otherwise, the interlocking brake will not work, forming an impact force that increases the pawl of the automatic brake. Do not use too much force when starting the machine. The belt pulley can drive the input shaft to rotate without slipping.

3. When shifting, the transmission clutch must be opened, otherwise, the gear may be damaged. After shifting, check whether the shifting process is firmly closed to prevent gear jumping and disordering.

4. In the process of changing gears, if it is difficult to shift gears, do not shift gears forcibly, but use a hand-operated device to help shift gears. Specific methods: use a wrench to turn the hand-operated device to an angle to shift gears.

5. The allowable load on the drum is HB-3t: 3000 kg at slow speed,

6. Installation method of steel wire rope:

(1) Open the drum clutch, thread and tighten the head of the steel wire rope on the drum, and then close the clutch.

(2) Disassemble the bearing support movable seat at the outer end of the drum, wind the steel wire rope onto the drum and tighten it.

Tips: maintenance and safe use of the gas-powered capstan winch: to maintain the normal operation of the winch and prolong its service life, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the engine-powered winch. To prevent gear jumping, a spring steel ball is installed in the shift fork as a shift positioning function. Therefore, when using, pay attention to check whether the spring steel ball is firm. If not, the spring must be replaced before use.

Imported engine powered winch

Imported engine-powered winch mainly includes Honda, Yamaha, Mitsubishi, and other brands. Imported winches have strong power, long service life, and performance far beyond that of domestic gasoline engine winches. When selecting winches, general professional power construction teams may choose domestic powered gasoline winches if price factors are considered. If quality and performance are considered, most of them will choose imported powered winches.